Combining a love of the outdoor with the enjoyment of photography, I have found my hobby and passion. Growing up in the rural South outside the city of Charlotte, NC, I spent many days afield as a youngster with my dad, hunting, fishing, walking in the woods, along a river bank or beach. Through these experiences, I developed a fascination with the natural world: the sights, the sounds, the silence, the movement, the stillness, the enormity, the beauty. Photography came later in life. I purchased my first SLR camera at age 25. The majority of my early pictures revolved around recording family members’ celebrations and outings with some landscape and nature shots mixed in. As an education major with a concentration in U.S. history, a sense of the past and an appreciation of our cultural icons has been a part of my thoughts. I am intrigued by the relics and artifacts we leave behind and the condition we leave the environment as we pass through. Photography is m interpretation of our natural, outdoor world and man’s tracks as he passes through. Photography helps me see the environment and the value it adds to our lives. Certain images speak to me in a way I could never describe. Photography allows me to communicate my thoughts as much to myself as to anyone else. I wish I were a better photographer but it is what it is. I retired after 41 years with one company and now spend much more time in the natural world trying to improve my photographic skills. My wife of 46 years and I spend most of our time between Charlotte, NC and Fripp Island, SC. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the site.
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